“For greater scale and agility, the use of best technologies is a must.”

Nipra Digital Solutions has a modernized architecture for the apt use of technologies and tools. We offer various mobile and desktop development technologies for helping your business reach new goals. Our core technologies are open source, Microsoft, and mobile technologies. We make use of open source and Microsoft technologies for producing dynamic and robust website designs. Our mobile technologies are chiefly focusing on smartphone application development.

Open Source

“Flexibility at its best.”

Open source widely known OS development is one of the most flexible types of website application development for producing user-friendly and robust websites. OS development technology is widely accepted; it has long-term feasibility and is highly secured for use. Moreover, using open source technology is affordable than other technologies and it gives the higher amount of accountability.

There are huge numbers of developers supporting the OS technology and hence, the loopholes are fixed quickly using the right knowledge and skills of the developers across the Open source community. The six most famous open source technologies that are changing the world with its benefits are Linux, Android, WordPress, GIS, Liferay, and Firefox.

Microsoft Technology

“Because Microsoft technology rules it like no other technologies.”

Nipra Digital Solutions is a verified Microsoft partner for developing out of the box web-based applications for windows. We have an experienced team of Net and Xamarin developers for making your project successful. Our core Microsoft technologies include Asp, net development, SharePoint development, Xamarin development, Net development, DotNetNuke development, Azure development and Dynamics CRM. We also offer Microsoft business and enterprise integration for your business websites.

Since Microsoft has acquired Xamarin, the leading mobile app development platform, the developers really find it interesting to work on the blend of this technology. The website is benefited with deep cloud integration and greater security with the Microsoft Xamarin technology development. The cross-platform mobile application development is the need of the hour; Nipra Digital Solutions provide cost-effective Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Xamarin development for producing dynamic cross-platform mobile apps.

Mobile Technology

“Mobile technology is the never-ending future.”

Mobile technologies have expanded for years and there are more trends coming up every year for designing the mobile application development in a completely new way. AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been a number one trend this year with the latest wearable software development and benefits. Cloud management and IOT has also been the backbone of mobile technologies this year.

The Mobile Application Development has also helped the blockchain industries with high-end and secured payment utility applications around the year. With increased security and acceptability, the mobile technologies have enlivened the platform of application development. The need of the hour is developing cross-platform apps for easy accessibility with the iOS, Android and Windows platform.